Versatrigger Box

Versatrigger Box

The Versatrigger Box is the wireless electronic drum trigger. It is easily mounted on the inside of a regular drum shell (be it a snare, tom or bass drum shell) using the provided metal “L” bracket. It can just as easily be taken off without affecting the integrity of the drum shell. The height of the Versatrigger Box needs to be adjusted in order for the trigger cushion to come in contact with the drum mesh head.  See the documentation section for more details on installing the Versatrigger Box.

The Versatrigger Box uses 3 x AAA alkaline batteries which deliver enough power for hundreds to thousands of hours of drumming depending on the the rate at which the drum is hit. As to give you a perspective: we estimate a battery life of over 3000 hours for a rate of 1 hit per second, over 2000 hours for a rate of 2 hits per second and over 200 hours for a rate of 20 hits per second (drum rolls). Yes, you read correctly. There are no typos in the figures above.

After it is turned on it need not be turned back off as the trigger is designed to enter a very low power standby mode when not in use (and can remain so for years without changing batteries).

The Versatrigger Box is a 3-zone trigger which means that it is capable of distinguishing hits on the head from those on the rim as well as detecting rimshots (i.e. hitting the head and the rim simultaneously ). This gives the user the opportunity to assign 3 different MIDI notes to each drum.

The status of the Versatrigger Box (battery level, signal strength, etc.) can be viewed in Versatrigger Studio. This is also where various configuration settings (such as sensitivity, thresholds, etc) are made and uploaded back to the trigger.


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