Versatrigger - Wireless electronic drum triggers

Versatrigger blends the drum trigger and the trigger-to-MIDI into one comprehensive product. This is made possible by the wireless bi-directional communication that exists between each trigger (Versatrigger Box) and a software driven remote access hub (Versatrigger Hub).

The Versatrigger Studio application runs on the computer the Versatrigger Hub is connected to (via USB). Through Verstrigger Studio the user monitors the status (battery level, signal strength, etc.) of the triggers and configures them, assigns MIDI notes and performs various calibrations to achieve the desired triggering behavior. Based on all these settings, Versatrigger Studio outputs appropriate MIDI messages to a virtual MIDI port which drives third party drum sampler/synthesizer software

What is a drum trigger?

In electronic drums terminology a trigger is a device attached by some means to a drum shell (either a regular acoustic drum shell or a specially designed pad) responsible for picking up the vibrations caused by the strikes on the drum and converting them into electrical signals. Much like a microphone.

What is a trigger-to-MIDI?

The electrical signals coming from the trigger are fed into a drum module of which there are two types: one which we will call a drum brain and the other a trigger-to-MIDI. The difference between these two types is that, based oh the electrical signal at the input, the drum brain generates sound (either synthesized or sampled) while the trigger-to-MIDI, as its name implies, outputs only MIDI messages which are pieces of digital information regarding a strike (for example the velocity).

What is a drum synthesizer/sampler?

A drum synthesizer/sampler is either a hardware device or a software application that takes at its inputs MIDI messages (for example from a trigger-to-MIDI) and outputs sound (i.e. drum sounds).

The software drum samplers are becoming more and more popular because of their excellent sound quality which surpasses even the high-end drum brains at a fraction of a cost.

With Versatrigger, the main task of a traditional trigger-to-MIDI (that of processing the electrical signals) is transferred to the trigger itself which is equipped with a microcontroller unit and additional circuitry. Digital information regarding the strikes are then sent wireless to the Versatrigger Hub which is software controlled by the Versatrigger Studio application.

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