What started as a graduation thesis in 2007 ended up as a startup 7 years later: wireless electronic drum triggers. I remember one of the professors asking me back then why I chose that particular subject. My answer was somewhere along these lines: I like the drums and I would like to learn to play them but because I don’t own a drum set I thought maybe I could make one myself. And because I was a computer engineer the drums had to be, of course, electronic. And wireless because that was something that didn’t exist.

Now they do!

For many years I worked sporadically on building a full working prototype. When that was finished I decided to quit my day job to be able to work full time on designing a product suitable for today’s demanding market while at the same time submitting a patent request which is now pending and which will most likely be granted.

After many hours of work and countless changes and improvements Versatrigger was born (in case you wonder, the name “versatrigger” is a combination of versatility and trigger). Meanwhile, the wireless electronic cymbals are still in development.

After all this time there is one thing that hasn’t changed though: I still want to learn to play the drums!

Paul Piscoi - founder of Versatrigger
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