Turn your acoustic drums into electronic ones on the fly

Versatrigger's wireless electronic drum triggers are mounted inside regular drum shells to give you a fast and reliable way of transforming your acoustic drums into professional looking and sounding electronic drum pads.

How it works

1 Install a Versatrigger Box in each one of your drums.
2 Plug the Versatrigger Hub in one of your computer's free USB port.
3 Install your favorite third party drum sampler software.
4 Remotely configure each of the triggers via Versatrigger Studio .
5 Drum away!

Why Versatrigger?

Easy to set up and configure
Clean look - no wires hanging around
Excellent performance
Scalable - one or multiple triggers with just one receiver
Cost effective - combines the trigger and the trigger-to-MIDI into a comprehensive product suite
Batteries last forever *

* hundreds to thousands of hours of drumming

What about the cymbals and the hi-hats?

Existing electronic cymbals and hi-hats can be integrated in the Versatrigger wireless setup with the help of the U-Boxes and the HH-Boxes respectively.


Three-zone triggering: head, rim and rimshot
Universal, non-permanent, simple mounting mechanism suitable for virtually any kind of drum shell
No need to switch the trigger off - standby time measured in years
Manage up to 25 triggers with one receiver
Supported operating systems: Windows and OS X

Versatrigger uses a patent pending technology that allows remote configuration and monitoring of individual triggers while dramatically prolonging the battery life.

Take the tour to learn more about the workings of this truly versatile system. Don't take our word for it! Try it out! If you're not fully satisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund .

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